Our Motto is “Effortless”

If you came to this page you know its time to take your parking lot to the next level. Stop relying on a team of parking enforcement officers to walk your lots putting charges on dashboards and start relying on technology to enforce your parking rules and increase your ROI.

No more installing expensive access control equipment either.

At Vanguard we offer a new, more modern, and non confrontational approach absolutely FREE.

We install accurate and reliable License Plate Recognition cameras at the entrances and exits of your parking facility to ensure we capture an image of every single vehicle that enters your lot.

Once your customer exits your lot, V-Force calculates the time they parked and verifies that the payment was collected. If the system recognizes a violation we send a parking charge straight to their door and you start seeing your return.

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Our Process


First Things First

Once we get in touch, we’ll have a quick online conversation and demonstration about how we can service your parking facility. During this call, we will schedule a time to walk the parking lot in person in order to start planning your project.


On Brand Signage Creation

We create custom branded signage for your parking lot and post them throughout your facility. Each sign will have all the parking regulations clearly visible for true transparency with your patrons.


License Plate Camera Installation

We have our LPR professionals evaluate your facility to identify all parking lot choke points. We install each LPR camera in a strategic location in order to ensure we identify every car entering and exiting your facility.


V-Force Initiation

Once the LPR cameras are installed in the proper locations, we will set each client up with a customized parking lot management dashboard which will outline exactly how many parkers, violators, and increased revenue your parking facility has been generating for you.


Sit Back and Relax

Once the system has been initiated on your parking lot, all you need to do is sit back, relax, and watch that additional revenue hit your account.